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Ryan Bieber

Data Scientist

Master's in Applied Economics
Bachelor's in Mathematics

Bachelor's in Economics

Data Scientist(Current)


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Ryan Bieber was born and raised in Rochester, MN. The only thing that really gives it any importance is the Mayo Clinic. He received his bachelor's in mathematics and economics from the University of North Dakota. He also, after learning the importance of data and how to use it, received his master's in applied economics from there as well. After getting his graduate degree, he found out how important his skill set was and found a job as a data scientist.


Besides solving problems with data, he enjoys competing in strongman (187lbs in the pic and likes to stay around that weight), reading books about history(Achaemenid Empire until the fall of the Western Roman Empire), hunting pheasants, hanging out with friends and family, playing video games, and spending time with Arthas(click on Arthas tab).




R, Time-series, and economics research(Where I got my start in the world of data)

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